SSA Expands List of Compassionate Allowances for Disability Benefits

Expedited Processing for Compassionate Allowances (CAL) Cases

Like other processes such as Terminal Illness TERI claims and Quick Disability Determinations QDD, the SSA provides expedited processing for CAL cases. The CAL process is triggered when a claimant alleges that he or she has a disease or other medical condition that is on the CAL list.

Based on that information, the disability determination process must be initiated by SSA staff within one day.Even though a verifiable CAL condition is subject to expedited review, the SSA still encourages adjudicators to obtain additional information from the claimant after receiving medical records from the health care provider who provided the diagnosis. This can include information about pending medical appointments, activities of daily living and, in rare cases, a request for a consultative examination.However, assessment of the applicants work history is not required do to the SSAs acknowledgment that an established CAL condition will not allow future work of any type. A final determination of a CAL case can take less than a month, much shorter that the SSDI process for a person with a chronic back injury, mental illness or other condition that requires substantial documentation and the likely necessity of an appeal.

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