Help with the Social Security Disability Process

The Social Security Disability Insurance process is easily outlined on paper. The difficulty with the process is that it is time consuming and has many layers of bureaucratic red tape to unroll before you can get your benefits. We have out lined these steps below and these terms are linked to a detailed explanation of what you need to do in each of these phases.

There are two types of disability benefits available – State and Federal. State Disability benefits in California consist of the California State Disability Insurance program and the Workmen’s Compensation program. Most lawyers who assist in the Social Security Disability Insurance program do not work in either CaSDI or WC cases.

While our clients can do these steps on their own, messing up on procedure is as detrimental to your case as not filing your appeal at all. Having to start over when you are suffering from an illness or injury can cause additional harm. Having an experienced lawyer at your side is not only reassuring but gives you the confidence to know that your case will finish in a timely fashion.

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