Apply for SSDI Benefits – Initial Determination

After you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits, you will reach the first phase or

Initial Determination

After filing your application with Social Security, your claim will be evaluated by a state agency hired by Social Security. The state agency examiners will order copies of your medical records and sometimes send you to a doctor for an examination at their expense.

An initial decision is then made by the state agencyApplying for SSDI Can Be Stressful based on Social Security guidelines. In 60% of all cases the claimant’s application is denied at this initial level. If the claimant wishes to appeal this decision, he or she has only 60 days to notify the Social Security office that they wish to appeal.

There are no legal penalties for filing an appeal. However, there are a number of legal requirements to meet to be awarded your benefits. We go over that in the next phase or the reconsideration phase.

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