Local Social Security Disability Attorney or National Law Firm

There are several advantages to being represented by a Social Security Disability attorney that focuses on a local or regional area. For residents of Orange County and Riverside County,including people living in Santa Ana, Irvine, Anaheim, Huntington beach or any of the other local cities, here’s a list of benefits you get form working with our office:
1. With more than 23 years practicing Social Security Disability Insurance cases in Orange County, our law office knows the Administrative Law Judges that serve this area. No matter whether the judge has a higher percentage of disapproved cases than approved cases, we know what type of evidence this particular judge requires for you to win your case. In addition, if the local lawyer has a good reputation, he or she will often have “credibility” with the judge that can make all the difference in whether the judge grants an award in the tough or “close call” case.
2. National law firms are often Social Security disability claim “mills,” and you will almost never meet the person who will represent you at your hearing until the morning of the hearing – even worse, your representative may not even be an attorney,nor have any experience with your ALJ. You will probably have to wait between 6-18 months before you are granted a hearing – it is far more likely that you will have personal contact and develop a relationship with your local Social Security disability lawyer than you would a national firm.
3. National Law Firms frequently farm out your case to struggling local lawyers who are paid by the national law firm whether or not they win your case – their success rate is usually much lower when compared to local Social Security disability attorneys.
4. Your local lawyer should meet with you a week or so before the hearing to go over your testimony and make sure there are no last minute surprises or problems. They will also treat you as their most important case, make sure they have ALL of your records submitted prior to the hearing and help you feel more confident as you go through the SSDI process.If you are represented by a large national firm you are unlikely to get that level of attention to detail.

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